Security Cameras

Due to the deteriorating security situation, many people are now installing surveillance cameras. We have been installing security cameras for years, and can install in your home, business, also condos, schools, factories and more.

The cameras today are in HD, color, with night vision; and we can get them with different lens, with various opening angles.

There are PTZ cameras, where you can pan, tilt or zoom the picture. Those are mostly used where there is somebody who can control them all the time.

We can install closed circuits with cameras wired to a DVR; that’s the most common and economic way to do it.  There are systems with IP cameras, which can connect to a NVR though a network; they have some advantages, but are also a little more expensive.

All events can be recorded, so you can watch them later, and make a backup. You can watch it live on a monitor, or remotely from a cell phone, tablet or computer.

We can help you decide which system is best for your needs, and give you an estimate for that.

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