Markus Tecno Logics has always strived to give our customers the best attention, fulfill what we promise, with a professional service. That’s why the number of our customers has been growing, by mouth to mouth recommendation. And the same customers keep coming back to us, for maintenance or upgrade of their systems, or for new services we are offering. Some comments from our customers:

I heartily recommend Guy Markus for the installation of photovoltaic panels. He installed panels on my house and I have been very pleased with the result.
Guy does what he says he is going to do and when he says he will do it. Many of you know he has been highly thought of member of this community for a long time and has certainly earned that excellent reputation.

– David Larson

I agree with David.  Guy has installed satellite television, cameras, gps over more than 20 years for me…always does what he says he will!

– Pattie Hogan

I am grateful for the very professional service you gave us. The DVR works perfectly and we can see it without any problem.

– Luis Ramos

It is not easy to find somebody in Mexico who gives constantly a good service. We have been with Mr. Guy Markus for more than 15 years, and I can only praise his attention. Even after all those years, Mr. Markus and his team keeps giving us an excellent personalized service, without any kind of complaint.

– Dr. Francisco A. Cantu

We have been using the services from Markus tecno logics for the past 16 years for our parabolic dish. His service is always the most professional. His attention to the customer is very friendly and efficient. We have full confidence in Ing. Guy Markus and his technicians. Any time we have the opportunity, we recommend them highly. They are the best!

– Elizabeth Arellano

I have been a satisfied customer of Markus tecno logics for more then 20 years. With his excellent technology, fast , professional, courteous and efficient service, Markus tecno logics is second to none. I give him my highest and most sincere recommendations.

– Jim Ahearn

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